Indian fashion is becoming increasingly popular the world around. Its lavish detail, flattering cuts, and exotic beauty are surely major parts of this appeal. Kaneesha offers styles that are both traditional as well as those with modern variations to existing classics to keep up with the new millennium. It is possible to show your culture through your dress while still maintaining a modern appearance.

Kaneesha has award winning styles that have been featured in such high profile publications as Couture Asia and In Style. Miss India Athlete 2005, Gwen, and Miss India 2002, Shruti Sharma have both modeled apparel by Kaneesha.

The high quality designs of Kaneesha include lehngas, saree, salwar kameez, churidar, jewelry, Indian bridal wear, and even kurtas for men. The sari is the most popular of all Indian clothing. It consists of separate pieces with a skirt and a blouse coming just below the bust. Salwar kameez are second in popularity only to the sari. These are perfect for summer days as the fabric allows the skin to breathe and keeps the wearer nice and cool even when temperatures soar.

As beautiful as the country itself, Indian clothing is rich and vibrant. Indian dress is being accepted around the world due to its beauty. Their intricately decorated fabric is appealing to many. You will see women showcasing their wonderfully adorned garments with pride, as if they themselves were in India . Although style and fabrics change in different locations, they are never far from the origins.

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