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Pest Repeller 4 in 1


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Covers up to 2,500 square feet. (Equivalent to a typical 4 bedroom house)

The ionic feature of the 4 in 1 Pest Repeller creates a stream of beneficial negative ions which helps destroy pollutants and bacteria in the air before you breath them in. These negative Ions are also effective at repelling ants, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.

Night Light Feature
Photo sensing cell activates the night light at dusk and switches it off at first light.

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Our 4 in 1 Pest Repeller uses the very latest technology in Pest Control.

Why use old fashioned mechanical traps to either trap or kill rodents, where you have to touch them to get rid of them? Why use harsh chemicals to poison the pests and subject your family to the danger of these chemicals and carcinogens? Who wants a dead rat or mouse decaying in their loft or walls?

The Pest Repeller works by affecting the central nervous system of the Pest. It creates an environment that is so annoying that they can't sleep, they can't eat, they just have to get out of the place before they go mad. They just leave.

The Ultrasonic Wave
Is heard by the pest as a high pitched squeal. This irritates the pest as it cycles on and off repeatedly.

The Electro-Magnetic Wave
The limitation of Ultrasonic sound waves is they are sound waves and bounce back off solid objects, very effective in the open space of living area but not effective within your walls, where rodents and creepy crawlies like to hide for both the safety and privacy they are looking for to nest. Once you plug the 4 in 1 Pest Repeller into your mains socket it becomes part of the wiring loop throughout your home. It uses the wiring to broadcast an intermittent signal that attacks the nervous system of the pest in your walls causing them to leave. This signal also can be felt by
the Pest outwards from the wiring up to 6 feet. So this acts as a deterrent to pests coming into your home from outside as they can feel these signals coming from your outside walls.


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