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The new and revolutionary Magic Plane

One of its most practical features is that it uses many types of disposable blade (normally, wood planes use their own, difficult-to-sharpen internal blade). Now it is so easy to keep Magic Plane in perfect working order - always with a sharp and effective planing action!

Magic Plane is uniquely designed as a MODULAR SYSTEM that can be easily configured as a: Paint Scraper, a small 10mm Plane (that can even plane around curved areas!), Regular Plane (that even includes an adjustable depth stop, and adjustable 90 and 45 bevel side fence!) and Long-Board plane for easy use on long or wide flat boards such as floor boards or decking materials.

When used with a Trimming Knife blade, the Magic Plane can plane right up to its side edge thus facilitating Rebate Planing - ideal for window and door frames The 10mm Plane configuration allows planing to within 1cm of the bottom of a hanging door - ideal for easing tight doors without the need to remove and re-hang!

Magic Plane even configures into a handy Palm Sander!

The entire Magic Plane set is neatly stowed in a moulded case for protection and convenience.

SaMS Price 29.99


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