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EverCharge Universal Battery Charger

Evercharge Universal Charger Web

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Intelligent Battery Charger for ALL main sizes This charger is unlike any others available as not only will it regenerate and charge re-chargeable batteries Ni-Cd and Ni-MH it will also re-charge ordinary Alkaline batteries (e.g Duracell).

When charging a normal alkaline battery it will re-charge up to 90% of its original strength, and up to 10 times. When charging standard re-chargeable batteries the unit completely discharges the battery before re-charging it to full. This is an intelligent solution to the common problem of poor performance from re-chargeable batteries being constantly re-charged.

This high tech system will charge the 5 main battery sizes making it a very sensible single purchase solution AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V block The unit is mains operated with charging times, which range from 0.7 hrs for AAA up to 7.7 hours (conveniently over night) for the larger batteries. Batteries will charge in singles or groups with the microprocessor self monitoring each of the four charging bays. The status of charging can be seen at a glance thanks to the LED and LCD displays. Batteries will not overcharge and if they are ready to charge and still carry some power then the unit will de-charge them in order to re-charge for optimum level results.

Conforming to current European and National guidelines this superb technology is environmentally friendly.

Awarded the Prestigious Gold Star product award by the WWF.



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